Fish, Freezer and Fun!

My name is Gavin (known in the fishing community as ‘Rev Gav’). In 2014 I fished a whole season with Lewis and Phil. I fished all the LRSAC Club competitions, booked inshore and offshore non-club trips and have taken the family out for a 4-hour fishing trip. I fish for fun, but also to put something in the freezer.

This 15lb 13oz Undulate Ray was caught on 11th January 2014. Chilly but fun!

Firstly, if there’s one thing about Lewis and Phil, it’s that they always have a ‘Plan B’ (and a Plan C, D and E!). In other words, if we’re not catching fish, they’re already thinking about the next move – where they’re going to go and what they’re going to try next. They’re not the kind of skippers that anchor up and go for a snooze in the cabin for 8 hours! Of course there are no guarantees, but they work hard to ensure that we catch fish.

This double figure pollack was caught wrecking in March.

Secondly, they are always on hand to offer advice and help unhook or net fish. Rarely have I needed to call “Net!” as they’re already there, behind me, holding it.

Thirdly, Phil and Lewis are great with novices and kids. I’ve had some cracking days out with my daughter who, at the time, was only 13 years old. She’s even out-fished some of the other people on the boat!


Rowena with her best reef pollack of the day!

Finally, not only are Alice Rose and Pegasus very stable and comfortable boats to fish from, Phil and Lewis scrub them clean top-to-bottom after every trip. They also keep the tea and coffee flowing! Whether you’re a serious angler or looking for a fun day out, you’ll have a great trip with Lyme Bay Charters. Tight lines!

Bull Huss

This double-figure bull huss was caught in November 2014.


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